Work For: Particular Client (Architectural Project)
Architectural project: metate.lab
Visualization: Jesús Sánchez
CGI: Revit, Blender, Cycles

A tiny house with industrial vibes, that at same time feels so cozy and warm. Trying to get his own space in the middle of Mexico city.
This is a project by metate.lab, an architectural studio that I founded with friends, so i was part of the entire process on this house, first of all this is a BIM project that was modeled in Revit to get all plans, quantities and information for construction, that's why structure and enginiering is so detailed.
Visualization work and interior design was made in blender and rendered in cycles. The eevee render engine was very helpful to understand space in real time and get the enviroment we wanted with no delay, I highly recomend blender for archviz and interior design process.

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